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Slate Roof Central Message Board
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Where have all the users gone?
Starting a standing seam copper snow apron in the middle
DIY corner starter slate fix
White Deposit On Slate Roof Underside
Ice damming
Synthetic Slate vs. Natural Slate
Porch roof structure suitability for slate?
How to handle flare?
Free roofing area calculator
Saving Bitumen covered slate
Tips for Hiring an Efficient Roofing Contractor
Repair or Replace Copper Gutters? Advice please
Standing seam to slate pitch transition
Repair or replace? Advice please
Finished attic, insulation, no baffles or vents
Can I install radiant barrier beneath slate?
Slate Roof for Sale
Copper hip cover
Slate Roof Identification Help
Slate Roof Extension to Existing Building
Is this Peach Bottom or PA Gray slate?
Fine Snow Filters Inside
Characteristics that radiates grandeur in natural slate r...
Second empire mansard box gutters cut off
Insulating 1904 brick tudor
Is this Pennsylvania slate? Snowguards - eave heating cable?
TPO & Slate roofing
Roofers birthday, help
14x24 buckinghams
Copper Roof Vent & whole house fan question.
Floating roof tank help
Roofers Austin help
Valley top leaking???
Roof Contractor Miami
The crazy roofer
Miami Roofing
Removing slates to extend trusses and fit new gutter
Built-in Gutter Design
ID My Slate
New to slate roofing , have some questions
Installing slate over an asphalt roof
Spray foam insulation under slate roof?
Identifying Slate on Home
Cleaning slaate roofs?
OK to use thinner slates as replacements?
Foil Between Rafters in Attic
Non-combustible decking advice
Need to sell 150 square of 1/4x20x10 slate
Red Ludowici Combination Shingle Tile
Help identifying slate
3/8" Grey/Green graduated slates (immediate need)...
Mastic vs. nailing to concrete deck
1885 Buckingham Virginia roof
Used Slate wanted
Punching holes in gable end slate
Snow getting into the attic
Slate roofs from Luxembourg
Snow guards on brittle slate
A primer on metalwork for permanent roofing.
Copper roofing & galvanized gutters
Traditional metal roofs
Master list: Proper Metal Roofing in America
Leftover slates for repairs
Small ridge advice
Life Expectancy of Salvaged Slate
Capillary action on low pitch slate roof - Help!
Slate hooks with double or triple nailing options?
Identify this slate
Metal Roofing live TV!
Ability of a Roof to Support (Thick) Slate
Insulating a ceiling with a slate roof
How to slate heart designs in a roof
Slate roofs from Spain
Using salvaged roofing tiles
Some work I've been doing
Finished attic insulation under slate roof
Customer wants to do half a roof in slate.........
Sika Flex 1A
No slate stretcher required : Einfach Schuppenschablonen...
Counter step flashing
Anybody have a "slate stretcher?"
Advice on Slate Radius/Curved Eve
Does this flashing need to be replaced?
Raboin Brothers
Slate ID and Bad Repair
Rusty stain on slates?!
Slate Roof Cleaning Lancaster PA
Soldering sheet steel
White stains on grey slate roof
Geometric Layout Method: equal graduations with no math
Replacment slates
New snow guards on old slate roof
Valley repairs
Saddle Ridge Question
Help with "Mass Save" and slate roof ventilation?
Need Baffles When Insulating Attic Floor Under Slate Roof?
Slate Roof insulation and venting - cathedral ceiling of...
Jim Thorpe PA - Real Slate vs Synthetic Slate - In need o...
Saddle Hip Repair
Dormers with slate sides - caulk the face?
Top down vs. bottom up installation
Slip roller
Please help identify slate
Flat lock
Slate Ink
You Choose: Copper Ridges or Slate Ridges???
Is painting a way to unify the colors on a slate roof?
Help with a good inspection narrative/recommendation
Re-claimed slate roof. for sale
Slaters Nails with pictures
Snow blasted
Specialty seaming techniques for complex roof intersections
How do you protect cornice during built-in gutter replace...
Throw that gas tank and 50/50 off the roof!
Is my roof strong enough for slate?
Peach bottom
What to look for in a Slate Contractor and/or Foreman
Clean Flux off Repair?
Star Pattern
Plywood decking
Snow and rain a bad combination for roofs
Slate identification help
Downspout discharge onto slate roofs
Slate Roof Cleaning Reading, PA 19601
Inspecting your roof? Donít forget the flashing
Amateur Roof on a Garage
Which Spanish Slate
Advice needed! Old slates
Newfoundland purple slate?
Safest roof access
Seeking Advice on Installing Half Round Copper Gutters
TAMKO Lamarite Repair ??
Recycled slate - western MD
Finally put together some copper videos
PTFE/light weight slate installation
Roof Anchors for Slate Roof
Camara Slate, Taran Brothers, recommendations.....
Welcome to Cottonwood!
Roof am on at moment
What does "random" width actually mean?
BJB Inc. is hiring slaters!
Brooklyn NY, Historic Brownstone
Flashing duct work
Doubly pitched roof
Headlap and sidelap for bevelled slate
Irvine Trinity
Deck wood and others
Copper snow board poisoning?
Slating out of a valley
Rounded butts/headlap cocern
Alluminum and Slate Longevity
Slate and copper repair advice
Copper, copper and copper!
Slate roof Latin inscription
Cleaning slate roof with copper valleys and flashing
Using attic as living space
Deck nailing
White lead paste
Insulating 80+ year old slate roof
Copper scupper & solder
Closed/open valley flashing
Winter Fun!
Slate Roof. Where To Begin?
Has anyone used a stud finder on a slate roof?
Nailing cap slates
I think I broke something
Is this going to leak?
Question on slate hanging method
Opinions of Qwik Slate fastening method?
Copper hip/ridge caps with aluminum gutters?
Writing a slate inspection course in South Africa. Nightm...
Pipe flashing
Confused about slate
Scotch slate in process
Roof & Facade & Waterproofing China 2013
Slates along curve
Tru Slate
Sheathing board gaps
Rigid foam insulation
Last course before ridge
Plywood Decking
Insulation below a slate roof
Metal roofing, Terne, Galvalume
I can't find heavy felt paper
German Style, in NY Red
American slate company
Nail length
Lightly rustic VT slate roof
Hudson, ny
Breaking slates when punching
German flowing slate
Cement board as a slate roof underlayment?
Ideas for replacement cedar shingle roof
Lumber sheathing
Roof jacks
Triple Starter Course
Graduated slate roof
Slate Roof Cleaning Lancaster, PA 17601
The Gutters for round
Gable fascia
St. Louis
Completed elevation in Cupa 'Heavy 3'
Can you identify this roofing slate?
Non Pressure Slate Roof Cleaning Lancaster, PA 17601
FOREMAN needed in Saint Louis Missouri
Why do cupa want you to double nail every course
British tools for working slate
Slate siding 2
Estimate for enormous residential roof
Fun little cottage style shed roof
Help on round layout
Techtum deck question
Canting starter coarse
Schiefermeister/ Wilde Deckung
Spanish Roofin Slates
Which Slate to choose?
Deflection Criteria for Slate Roof
My cone roof advise please
My lateest work
16 oz. Copper to wood adhesive
Berger brothers snow guards
New sewer vent pipe flashing leaks-- apparently from cond...
Slate Bells/Domes
Smooth vs. medium texture slate
Looking for information on Copper Roofing
Built in gutter help needed
Power tools for working with slate
North Country Unfading Black
Cottage style
On the hunt for 16oz., 3'x10', Lead Coated Copper
Slating around chimney pipe flashing
Help with finials
Venting without any eaves on slate roof
Power tools for working with slate
Slating an open valley
Slate Roof Research
Slates installed on battens - insulation for use as finis...
Short-slate accent row
Gable slate nail locations
Slate on a monitor style roof
Metal ridge end overlaps
Roof plane and gutters
Odd request for slate roof
Vermont Gray/Black?
Chimney pipe sealant
Trying to find a leak in an 80 year old slate roof
Built in gutter repair/replace progress
Another Ventilation Question
Identify slate tile
Built in gutter slope
Do box gutter linings need to be fastened down at bottom ...
Getting unbiased answers about slate
Tarping a slate roof
Galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals and snow apron op...
Built in gutter outside corner expansion joints
16 or 20 oz for built in gutters?
Slating up to the ridge
Photovoltaic over slate
LMROC Project
Slate going on a DIY project
Extra Thick Slate a Problem for standard Thickness?
NYC, slate and copper
Johnstown NY slate roof restoration
Historic Hudson Valley house, lead coated copper question
Broken slate question
Installing 12"x12" 'truslate,' but traditional methods??...
Slating over old lath
Can I use slate floor tiles for roofing?
Slate Shingle Repair Trick?
Lead sheet Flashing 86 year old Tudor
Expansion joints on drip edge
Old Slate Roof -- Maintain or Replace?
Is this enough headlap for this pattern
Advice for first slate replacement
Standing seam roof panels for snow apron
Slate roof -- is it worth it?
Cleaning a slate roof
Liams slate projects
Box gutter advice please (pictures!)
Imported Slate - China
Flat copper roof question
Precast concrete ridge caps
Roofing shoes
New York Red
Dave needs a new back half of house....
Opinions needed?
Unfading Black S-1 Roof Slate--Your personal choice
Slate roof as a solar absorber
New Vermont Slate
Green occlusions in purple slate
Gable built without overhang--leaks with rain and high winds
Mansard roof - ice damming
Slate Removal Time Estimates ?
Installing Roof Mount Hanger for Half Round
Copper roofing books
Slate size coin
Ventilation of Slate roofs
Stortz 83-B Right Hand Slate Hammer
Identification and availability
Installation of slates around a penetration to be added l...
Nail and Bib Question
Understanding headlap
Metal shingles
Hip accent cap on Widows Watch
Slate pictures from belgium
SIP's and Slate
Climate limitations of slate?
6 inch slate question
EZ Pot Pro Slate Industry Websites.
New Rubber Slates -asbestos slate
Tinning soldering coppers
headlaps for lower slopes
Approximate value of blackboard slate
Seeking Opinions On Electric Ice Controllers
New to me home, slate?
Showing off my first closed valleys!
Vented tile ridge
Ladder hook survey
Popping nails
I need a professional opinion on a slate roof repair
Copper valley sections meet at top of dormer
New to slate roofing
Antique Slate Cutter - Anyone know what this is?
ID the Slate
Please help with dormer ridge.
Cutting and Punching Buckingham Slate
Broken Slate as Ground Cover
Protecting metal roof
Can I fix my Slate Roof?
Historic 1838 slate roof
New Permanent Repair Device for Slate and Tile
Sweeping Copper Standing Seam
OK to do this pattern?
Barn Slate Roofs in Indiana
Ice & Water Shield Question
Aluminum step flashing
Identify and locate salvage slates
Cracked copper
Slate roof about to be trashed
Remove and renail slate?
Cutting 1/2 slates:
Insulation? vapor barriers? What the #@*&%$@ am I suppos...
Need help in justifying the cost.
Lightning protection and ridge metal:
Drip edge and gable flashing:
I say 'tar & feathering' isn't good enough!
Box Gutter Help
Slate size list
Bending slate trick
Slate repair bid
Does anyone buy slate??
Removing fingerprints on copper
Can slate and asphalt shingles co-exist? What to do?
How do you know when your ready
Snow guard question
Slating sequence question
Headlap question?
Recycle or not?
Re-Solder Flat Lock?
Thanks for the inspiration Joe
Ridge slates...did I screw up ??
Gap above the fascia board and squirrels
South Central PA Slate Roofer needed: York Co. PA
Slate roofs
Slating a curved random roof in cornwall england
2 x 6 rafters adequate?
Special Order Slate Back Charge - Expert Opinions Needed
Leak on a chimney...
Replace slate roof or not?
Historic slate roof restoration
Tile ridge on a slate roof
I looked at one yesterday.
Slots or gaps between slate shingles
Deb in Baltimore
Your new masthead photo
Slate roof in Webb City Misouri
Slate roof tiles for sale
Spray foam insulation between rafters
Dormer Slate Tricks
Opinion/identification on salvaged slate please-
The need to enhance building code specific to slate roofs...
Charging for estimating/travel time ?
Underbid Again
Time To Go To Moose Camp
Built in Leaks
Proudly announcing the next gen of REAL slaters
What Owner Need To Know
Salvaged slate for sale
Some slate work
Wood frame reinforcement question for installing slate roof
Snow rail clocked installation?
Identification Needed
Slate Dragon 1
Shed roof
Recent Job
Chimney Flashing Near Roof Ridge
Advise please>>>>>>>
Headlap question on 4/12 pitch
What is the best snow guard for retrofit
Is it time to renail slate roof
Need to dump slate. Can it be recycled?
Proper Laying of Slate Tiles--Bond
Nail head size?
Size copper nail for drip edge
My slate roof
Type of Slate? Worth Repairing?
Counsel please on slate roofing "systems"
Resources for a home inspector
Samaca's Class 1S natural slate
The best Chinese roofing slate with most competitive price
Cutting into the slate to take a slate hook
Joint Width between Slates
Old school slate repairs.
Slate for Crafts
Repairing Valleys with Injectible Rubber?
Vaproshield & Lexel sealant
Question for Mr. Jenkins - New 1/2 weight Slate System (T...
Insulating under an old slate roof
Should Nails Penetrate Roof Planks?
Collapse in Vermont quarry kills eight (including company...
Overhanging mitered hips German style?
Reslating advice requested
What type of Slate is this?
"V" Shaped Built-In
Installing copper strips to clean slate roofs?
Leak free joint and w-valley flashing
Underlayment for slate
Recommend a slate size for my new roof
Dome/curved surfaces
Slate and flashing question
Slate and concrete
Clock tower slate?
My Favorite Roof
What type of slate is this?
New slate roof, looking for advice
Repairing a slate roof using synthetic slate
Help!! Repair or Replace??
Debris chutes for slate removal
Slate roof over 3/4 " shiplap Roof Deck
Slate failure on a new roof
How would you construct/design the most durable, longest ...
New gray slate roof
Turret Ledge & Gutter Flashing/Sheet Metal
Removing Starter Course/First Course to install new box g...
Slate repairs tieing into a rounded valley
Slating Dormers & Chimney Chases
What type of slate is this?
Slate roof consultation/repair/rehab in Holyoke, MA
Samaca Spanish Slate
Cedar for nailing substrate
Copper Ridge Dimensions
"new product" saw blade for cutting slate
Slate Repairs
Nailing Slate on a Roof with Strapping
Slate roof + solar hot water; without the ugliness?
New roofing technology
Kevlar Gloves
Roof under construction -- pics
Looking for a Slater with a Soul (no joke)
Aluminum downspouts with copper gutters
California Gold Slate Roof
Wild Slate Roof Covering 2
Slate Turret Pictures
Can any provide a reference for Virginia Slate Co.?
Metal Dome Panels
Does this slate roof have any additional life please
Drip edge
Slate repairs..What were they thinking?
Slate Spacing
Cotswald roof
Hook Ladders
Repair -Nice House
Hello Everybody
Handmade roof jacks
New to slate roof - Identify what slate is this?
Slate roof protection and problems with gypsum
Working on a Hip Roof
Slaters: post your best inventions, tips, and tricks.
Barn Built in 1717- Questions??
Painting a aSlte roof
Traditional Slate Roof Ventalation
Slate cutting basics
Snowload systems
Comment for Multicolor Roofing Thick Slate from FL
Can anyone give an endorsement for New England Slate Co?
Slate Hammer Practice Advice & Questions
Looking for definitive LEED and Green Building info
Choosing Natural Slate or Ludowici LudoSlate Clay tiles?
Gutter guards
Painting Valleys, gutters, and ridge
Snow Guards, Snow Fence, or What?
Soldering Copper flashing
Wilde roofing ?
Two sides of the roof, two different slates (?)
Folding Ladder w/ Roof Hook. Good idea / Bad idea???
Repairability Factors for Replacing Slate
Terra-Cotta Ridge caps
Headlap Required For Vertical Slate Siding
Ridge Roll Flashing - Need proper detailing
Slate covered window dormers - how to mount awnings?
Slate Siding Questions
Slate Removal on Lower Portion of Mansard Roof
Wrong nails used on slate roof
Slate tile, Slate Mosaic tile & Border.
Uneven 'fading' of NY red slate ...
No/inadequate nail head countersinking
Falling Slate
Pros and cons of new vs salvaged slate?
Cheap Slate. Is it as good as the other stuff???
Help needed with ice dams
Tar and membrane removal!
I moved a Barn
Slate hook question
Slate Roof replacement and repair.
Termination at a peak
Soldering Half round gutter
Vertical soldering
Help with flashing
A plea to anyone who attempts box gutter work!
Main Ridge Caps- Necessary?
Show and tell
Roof restoration project: Monson (ME) vs. North Country ...
Chinese slate products
PA gray slate
Slate restoration (slate adhesives question)
Minimum angle for slate roof?
Repair or Replace
Passive solar and slate roofs
The Loop On Ladder Hooks Looks Too Small
Expected Breakage Rate When Punching Holes?
Solar Refelctance of Slate
Drip edge
Questions on a half round roof What to do
Pictures of new work.
Slate roof sheathing
Slate roof ventilation
104 year old carriage house with slate roof that needs to...
Terne Metal Box Gutter
HELP! Need pix and/or schematic of Yankee gutter...
Florida Slate Roof
Another question about slate sub-roof
The law...a question for people who are familiar w/ build...
Insured claims wind damage
Slate - Snow Build-Up Concern
Cant Strip question / Ice dam
Design of Support Structure for New Slate Roof (Deflectio...
Recycled Slate--TruSlate--No Slate? [long]
How thin can slate be cut?
What to do about non paying contractors
Tools - Cutting / Bending Copper Flashings
1926 Book 'Slate Roofs'
Matching historical slates
Slate roof with mold in attic
How To install copper drip edge on exsiting slate roof
Zinc Half Round gutters
Nails with slate roofing
Expansion Joint in Built in gutter
Expansion joint in gabled slate roof
Water beneath valley flashing?
Quality Slate Supplier
Question for Joe about article on Traditional Roofing site
Need Advice w/ New Slate Job
Warranty of workmanship
Ridge Metal
160 yr old home- Slate roof repair question
A finished Job
INFO WANTED Blending slate when installing a multi colore...
Box gutter
Is My Roof Failing? Or Repairable?
Peter Low Slant Slating System?
Stainless steel flashings
Question regarding Mortar like substance used on slate roofs
Slate coating
Help me identify my slate!
Cost of Slate
Need to repair the slate roof air vent pipe
Framing a rounded valley
Porch Roof replacement
Woodworm & rot in rafters at eaves
Max. Bell / Radius for Slate Roof
Icynene Insulation and Slate Roof
Porch Roof
Peach Bottom Slate-- condition?
Detecting original slate color
Transporting Slate
Duct Penetration Through Slate Roof
Can I install slate roof
Slate roof and the copper gutter
Slate Siding
How come you dont use Lead.?
Slate id please
European Roofing Schools
Recycled Monson garage roof
Trolley Station Slate Roofs
Chimney flashing opinions needed
A topic for pictures of work that SRCA members have done
Dutch Lapping
Detecting slate roof
How much extra slate should be left?
What do we have here.
Is it possible to purchase NEW HARD slate?
Purpose of copper washers
Concave front porch
Stained Slate Roof - From Downspouts
How to do a dome roof?
Can you clean a slate roof?
Lightning rods - do they work? or snake oil?
Correcting lack of overhang on edges
Caulking a Slate Roof?
Early 20th century ideas about Colonial-era slate roofs
Soldering lead flashing
Valley Flashing
Identifying Ludowicki Tile and Cost
Slate Roof Color Pattern
Opportunity to Showcase Reused Slate in New Fine Homebuil...
Need scaffolding to work on slate roofs?
New roof needed?
Slate mansard insulation/ventilation
How do you protect a slate roof during access
Slate Roofing & Masonry Contractor - Upstate NY (will tra...
Lock Seam Technique for Built-in Gutter
Ice Dams ?
Buying 100 year old house with slate roof
Monson ME. Slate Quarry
Flashing a mitered hip?
Slate roof in Northern Maine
Adding Solar Panels to Slate Roof
Retrofit snowguard help
Slate Roofs and copper drip edge
Open valleys to taper or not to taper
1926 version of the book "Slate Roofs"
Built in gutters and the starting row of slate.
Slate vs Composition vs Weight
Bulk Solder For Pre-Tinning Copper Shingles For Soldered ...
Slate Roof Installation
Some pics of my slate roof
Health issues with slate roof?
Nail Materials
Working on my first slate eyebrow dormer
About shed-roof dormer junctions
Help in starting a slate roof
I want to be a slater...
Old posts and a new approach to historic slate roof resto...
Can this roof be salavaged?
Help with Attic Project...Thanks
EXPERT SLATERS please explain the "Diamond" pattern
Really cool slate roof pics.
Getting on with my Vt grey/green roof installation
Help identifying this roof?
Slate Questions...Please help
Sheet metal shop??
Just started a VT grey/green slate roof
Copper curved top dormer windows
Can you paint slate and will it benefit the longevity of ...
How many squares per day?
Curved Eaves
Maine roofing slate
Is there anyway to get a rough ballpark estimate for a ro...
Natural slate recommendation for a 22.5degree roof pitch ...
"Honed" Slate roofind
Catherdaral ceiling ventilation
Salvage Value?
Where to best start slating? Center of roof or at one end?
New Slate Roof Problems
Slating conical top of tower (turret)
Soldering copper
Calculation of roof coverage with slate
Considering replacing slate, need advice.
Need tips for putting a vent pipe through an existing sla...
Galvanized nail for salvaged slate? Good hot-dipped nail ...
Slating closed valleys
Questions on slating hips and ridges
Venting a slate roof after installation??
Increasing head lap on salvaged slate
Is this slate roof worth saving?
Question on slate roofs and asbestos
Installing slate on a vertical surface
Slate Hooks on New installation?
Copper ridge cap. Caulk the nail heads?
Ladder hooks on Mansard roof?
Salvaged slate & Nu-Lok system on ordinary house?
What do reglets get filled with?
Clay Tile Roofing
Saddle hip or boston hip
Slate ID please...
Snow guard installation question
Corrosion of zinc gutter
Nail hole position?
Roofing, flooring, paving, walling, and billiard tabletop...
Slate roofs - heating bills
It's different in the U.K.
Log Cabin Pa
Two-inch wide slates question
Stucco Dormer leaks
Radio Interview - WPSU (Penn State Public radio)
Eave length & gable end overhang
Slate Roof Question (with pictures)
Roofing Advice For New Home Construction
Method for cutting Slate at valley
Custom Half-Round aluminum hangers, where to find???
Odd German roof Ladder
Lichen growth on Slate Roof
HELP: Identify This Slate Roof
Proper type gutters for slate roof??
Finishing a slate ridge cap
Slate Repair on Dormer 3rd floor?
I need help
Slate ID please (photo included)
Galvanic Corrosion and Metals
Open Slating - Best way to repair?
Nu-lok installation system
Expected added value?
Fabricating a pipe vent flashing
Hip Roof Problem
Resheathing roof--winterizing until spring
Copper Valleys or New Roof?
The National Slate Technology Center
Slate, snow guards, and gutters
Can someone ID this slate for me? (photo link included.)...
Slate thickness
Buckingham Slate Issue
Manufacturer determination
What is a counter batten's purpose?
Bibs-- copper or aluminum?
Moss on slate roof - Problem or not?
Thermodynamic properties of slate
Roof brackets board
78 year old pennsylvania grey... at its' useful end? (pic...
Contemplating slate for an antique home
Is it true that Vermont Black & Rhode Island Red Last lon...
Gutter types
Revere freedom gray copper
De-icing cables on Slate?
Closed valley flashing replacement
Ice Dams on Slate Roof
What type of slate is this?
No felt present?
Stagger butt roof
20 ga. 304 stainless
Proper way to cap chimney
Another attic insulation question but there is a moisture...
Does it make sense to replace half of the roof and not all?
Problem with water Pooling at connection of two gambrel r...
Historic slate roof
Contractor Repairs?
Definition of a Blue Bangor Slate?
Felt under slate deteriorating and other questions.
Advice Needed: Possible Neanderthals?
Hip and ridges
Alternative Slate Roof Design...
Copper flashing/ridge source in NE PA
Advice needed on 1901 Slate Roof
Roofing equipment at great prices.
Butterfly clips
DIY Slate Roof Installation Review
New installation with hooks
20 oz. Copper vs. 0.032" Aluminum Gutters
Overlaying shingles over a 100 year slate roof
Ice dams and leaks with new addition
Terne, now Copper . . . Headlap?
What to do?
Gypsum Slabs
Sheathing material
Broken Nines, Hairline Cracks, and Thin Slates
Blizzard brought us leaks, now what?
Mother Earth News
The final word on insulation and vapor barriers
Copper Gutters
Vermont slate quality
Michigan Slates
Condensation under slate roof
Fine Homebuilding Houses issue 2002--slate i.d.?
Roofing tools
Choice of nails for slate repair
Greener unfading green
Is it possible?
Any order to Random width Slate?
Identifying rain leaks in a slate roof
Any order to Random width Slate?
What about snow on the roof?
How popular is slate a roof?
Nails and aluminum bibs
Made my fist attempts at slate repairs yesterday. I'm no...
Slate / Solar Reflectivity / Roof Design
Slate Hardness.
Masterpiece in Aspen
Insulation under slate
Painting of Galvanized metal
Slate roof damage??
Roofing material usage statistics
Inspecting and insuring house with slate roof
Old slate roof on concrete deck
Castle Metal Products - TopSlate
Advice - 2 with pictures
Variance in Slate thickness
Slate Bible.
What do you slaters use on your homes?
Valley flahing replacement& gutters
Do people change from asphalt to slate roofs?
Slate and felt ??
Preventive maintenance for slate roof
Different uses for 20oz vs 16oz copper
Snow guards
Pipe vent flashing
Type of valley copper
Felt and its effect on breathability
One advantage of "open lath" sheathing
How to identify new v. used slates bought by contractor?
Not sure about replacement v. restoration for our 100+ yr...
Drip edge leaks and repair
Slate Sealer ???
Staining Asphalt Shingles
Old Slate Roof on shakes
Copper Seam Roof
What's on this roof?
Am I overloading my Rafters
Slate Islands Video: Scotland.
Leak in slate roof
Copper ridge irons
Open vs closed valleys..
Pipe Vent Flashing
Type of paint for copper flashing
Am I being conned?
Chimney repair on slate roof
Slate = $$$
Copper Flashing - where to buy?
Stripping Tar off of old slates
Soft copper vs semi-hard copper
Maintaining a new slate roof
Rounded valley
Painter ladder on a low porch slate roof
Nail Heads of Modern Roffing Nails vs. Older Roofing Nails
Slate Roof & Daylight
Rust Stains on Slate Roof
Need help with a slate roof contractor
Ice guard under slate or tile
Reroofing a library and curved flashing on eaves
Looking for blue slate
Finishing attic under slate roof
Can I clean my slate???
Working Vacations for Slaters
Dormer Ridge To Main Roof Intersection
Attaching ladders to roof slopes without ladder hooks
What to charge?
First time buyer, weathered slate roof: advice?
Boston Hips
Unfading red slate
Chinese imported slate.
New slate roof in commercial construction
Information on Pennsylvania Slate Geology
How to match slates on 70 year old roof?
Sheathing orientation
Saddle Ridges
Plywood Roof Deck
Can I "rework" recycled penn slate
Nails - ring or smooth shank?
Show me slate blend roof colors (grey)
Maximum wind speeds for slate roofs
12 inch tall slate
Slate roof on stress skin panels
Lead flashing
How should slate be stored?
Removing Paint From Slate
Rapid breakup of slate roofs.
? about PA slate roof
Step Flashing - Again
Changing Headlap
How thick and how long; Concerning decks and nails.
Logistics of purchasing and shipping slate
Chinese slate producer - English owned quarries
Gutters under steep gambrel or mansard
Self repair
Insulating above decking
Cleaning Slate - A Tip
Broken slates
Step Flashing
Copper vs. Slate
Gambrel roof flashing
How to clean slate roof
Rectifying Neanderthal Gutter Installation
Testing of slate
Slate roof with dips, structural problems, and ice format...
Cant strips along the length of valleys?
Wood battens under slate
Capping the ridges
Asphalt roof at end of slate roof. How do I remedy this?
Slate condition??
North Country slate (Glandine Black)
Safety Net for Slates
Plywood and board sub-roof
Buckingham Slate for Sale
Repairing slates on a saddle ridge
Building new home need advise
How Long Will My Old Slate Roof Last?
Grooving mortar for new flashing
What is criteria for determining "end of life" for a slat...
Slate Identification and Copper Flashing
Accessing a dormer on a concave roof
Walking on slate roofs
Irregular layout
Back to slate, or forward to copper?
Use of slate hooks at gable ends
Where to buy Metal "leaf catchers" for slate roof?
Slating on Maui
Ridge venting of a Slate Roof
Attaching Ridge Irons
Installation with the help of a boomlift.
Drilled holes must be counter-sunk
Ridge Iron
Beware of the "Slip Vally"
Clay Slate Roofs
Finding Slate Roofing Materials?
Potential slate roof nightmare
Slate failure, bats, and insulation.
Unfading mottled purple slate from Vermont.
Replacing and Matching Pen Argyl Slates
Camp Hill Slate Follow Up Question and Gutter Question
What to do with gaps in rough cut lumber sheating?
Identity of Grey Slate on Homes in Camp Hill PA
Hail Damage
Hexagonal Pattern - Slate Tile Sizes - Headlap
Applying the knowledge gained after reading the Slate Roo...
Slate under asphalt - What to expect?
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